Time MAN-agement

"Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator". Well thanks a lot American comedy writer Robert Orben, glad you keep your comedy relevant in today's age.

It's a nice idea but we all need a bit of auto pilot help to just get through a normal week. No volume of social media, Facebook playing mind games or just getting a grocery order placed online with a time slot that you're not going to be at work or asleep is going to bring in a friendly Elf to do your laundry (and fold, iron and put away).

But, it's when that menial task of paring the socks stares at you from either a kaleidoscope  mountain of coloured socks or an empty sock draw. OK, so we've all left it two..or even .. three weeks, but you know you can't get away with buying any more - where do you hide the sock mountain?

We now live in an age where everything that surrounds us has been evaluated, cogitated and debated for its aesthetic and ergonomic features. Thank you BARNABY .... I now take off my socks, leave them on the floor for a few days (don't we all??) then when it's time "button up" and pop in the wash.


Life is Sweet.... 

Charles Lassman "Our big bro in the know"

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