Introducing the Barnabag!

Everyone loves a good surprise, right? Well now you can add that love for surprise to your shopping experience here at Barnaby! Our “Barnabag” is a new item added to our stock list. When you purchase the bag, 5 pairs of Barnaby socks, selected randomly by the Barnaby team, will be sent to you in our free, red and white drawstring bag.
The bag is priced at just $60, that’s $15 less than buying 5 individual pairs! If you’re loving all of the socks, as we like to think everyone is, you can just order our Barnabag and we’ll do the deciding for you!
The Barnabag makes the perfect gift! Or you could just buy it for yourself - 5 socks for the price of 4 - and you get our cool bag. You can't go wrong! So make sure you head over to our “Socks” page to purchase your very own Barnabag.
Paije W - Blogger at Barnaby. An aspiring fashion journalist studying at the fashion institute in Sydney. 

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