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An Italian fashionista found our brand and wrote a flattering review. Check out Monica Calicchio's review here:

"Socks are one of the oldest invention that human beings have ever created. It is unclear when socks were originally invented, but the records show that  socks date back to the 8th century BC. This is when the Greeks used animal hair around their feet and ankles to keep warm. Socks became a fashion item starting  in 1930s, when machines were used to create socks with different materials and colors. 

What used to be used as only an article for warmth and protection has become a fashion accessory and Barnaby socks are the best example of this new trend. Barnaby socks are a great way for a man to subtly add colour and personality to any outfit. Made from high quality combed cotton. The invention  that I personally really loved is that each pair comes with a button to help keep them together: at least I would avoid to lose one of the pair as I usually do :)

As you can see from the pictures below, Barnaby socks are coloured, special and both extravagant or classy according to the outfit you are wearing.

Indeed, what is better than a businessman wearing cotton blue socks enriched with small geometric forms? Or, if you are more an hipster kind of guy, Barnaby offers a wide selection of unique sketches as elephants, stripes or diamonds all in different colors. Finally, and I am talking with you girls, is not our worst nightmare to find the right present for our boyfriend, brother or male friend? Barnaby is our time saviour :) They ship all around the world. Have a look at their full collection by clicking here."

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