A letter From the Barnaby team

Below are some common questions the team at Barnaby has been asked over the last few months:

“When are you releasing some new designs?” James, 24, Melbourne
“We love your socks but just want more selection!” Andy, 29, Sydney
“Why are you guys so handsome?” TBC

The team at Barnaby has been overwhelmed by the popularity of our socks and as such wanted to share some phenomenal news with you all.

As you would be aware we released 4 new designs last week and the feedback has been tremendous. The world has accepted Henry, Bob, Oliver and Leonardo as they had previously accepted Sherman, Oscar, Horton and their other mates. So, why only 4 designs? 

Well it was a bit of a teaser – too much of a good thing is never good. However, this is just the beginning. We will be releasing new designs at different points over the next month, with a couple of exciting collaborations. Be sure to check our newsletter (sign up if you haven’t) and hit us up on social media to be the first in when they are launched. 

Be ready for a bit of Boris, a tad of Waldo and a lot of Bailey. 

The Barnaby Team

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