The Versatile Blazer

A man's wardrobe is a subtle and complex jigsaw puzzle of blue and grey. How many times have you looked at that wardrobe and thought "DULL". Not everyone has the raunch of "50 Shades of Grey".
Versatility is one of the most amazing opportunities and we can have, and the blazer is the most versatile garments one can own.

The story of the blazer has many wanna be owners. Whether it was a new uniform designed for the Royal visitation of HMS Blazer by Queen Victoria, or a comment made during the Regatta Boating season -allegedly "the different teams were ablaze in color", that's all in the past. We are young, bold and vivacious, with incredible opportunities to do whatever we want. Thus it is more important than ever to be relevant in today's globally interconnected lifestyle, and be "nowist" and futurist.
Get that Navy Blazer, dump the gold buttons and start dressing from your Barnaby Socks up.
Unbutton "BOB" and unleash the nautical captain in you; or be the bad boy pirate in "LEONARDO"; otherwise you could free your spirit and cycle off with "SHERMAN". Jazz up your shoes with some co-ordinating laces, and give yourself an all day smile with co-ordinating boxers....... and bingo....... Your blazer is still your blazer, but your individualism and unique character and personality and will radiate, and you never know you could be finding yourself entertaining in the Red Room.

Charles Lassman "Our big bro in the know"

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