What to do with your old socks?

Sure, socks keep our feet warm and dry! Everyone knows that.
However, socks can serve more purposes. How to find a new purpose for our lonely and boring socks? 

Here are 16 alternate uses for your socks.

As entertainment.
1. Ball – The sock can be wadded up, used as a football/soccer ball/rugby ball/baseball/softball/cricketball and play at the nearest person. The worse thing that could happen is a wet sock in your face.
2. Hacky sack – A small cloth ball filled with small beads or beans. Cut off about half the top part of a long sock and about three quarters for a short sock. Fill the sock with dried rice, dried peas, or beads. Sew the opening together in a ball shape. Now release your stress.
3. Pet sweater - Slicing up the toe end of the sock creates a turtle-neck sweater for a snake or small dog even.
4. Sock puppet – A small piece of red felt and two googly eyes make the dreaded Black Mamba puppet with which you can smack your sleeping friends (like the guys from Viva La Bam or WildBoyz). The sock puppet is actually one of the most common forms or sock recycling. More elaborate sock puppets can be made with specs, yarn (for hair or moustache), ping-pong balls or buttons (as eyes), and extra bits of fabric (which make a good tongue or ears).
5. Mini-pillow – Rolling socks inside another creates the function as a small pillow. Smelly dreams!
6. Pet toy – Whack in a bit of cat nip and a few noise makers, and be assured your cat (or dog) will love it to pieces within the hour.
7. Fox tail – Fill the sock with sand, beans, rice, or beads. Once you have filled the sock, tie a sturdy knot at the end of the sock. (Try using adult socks for more fun.) To use: Hold on to the knot while you swing your arm in a circle a few times. After you swing your arm a few times, release the knot, and the fax tail will fly. 

For survival.
8. Fire starter – Quality socks, like combed cotton socks can also provide you with a source of fire, starting tinder [not talking about the iphone application ;)]. Rub or pick off as much lint as you can. The resulting pile of fuzz will quickly catch a spark when you’re trying to light a fire.
9. Water purifier – Socks themselves won’t purify water. However, they can help to collect and filter water by removing visible sediment and creepy crawlers. Pour water through the sock and into a container (a bra would also work). If you happen to have any iodine (in case you also have a first aid kit) use a few drops to purify the water. Add the iodine and let the solution sit for 30 minutes before drinking it.
If you’ve managed to build a fire, you can now boil the water by pouring it into a cup, making it even safer to drink.
10. Weapon - By adding a stone in the sock you’ll have a lightweight but highly effective “ball and chain” that can be used to hunt for animals or an individual invading your territory.
11. To keep you warm – Fingerless gloves, babyleg- or armwarmers. Often used in the alternative music world in the 90’s. (Dirty socks not recommended)
In and around the house.
12. Communication – Socks have a marking purpose that is more clearly defined and intentional. If a male (usually a resident in shared-housing) hangs a sock over his closed door so that part of the sock is peeking out, this is a fairly well-understood signal: ‘Do not disturb… there’s some action in here’.
13. Dustrag – Slip the sock on your hand. Dampen it with water or a furniture polish and clean away! Socks are good for furniture, window sills, computer screens, floor spills, handles, and blinds.
14. Bottle, can or cup sleeve - Make a drink cozy. This requires a long sock. Cut the whole top of the sock off. Slide it over a bottle to keep the bottle cool (insulated). A shorter sock can be used for cups and cans.
15. Storage – coins, golfballs, or when moving to keep your glassware safer while moving house.
16. Heat pad – tube sock stuffed with rice and try throwing some dried herbs like lavender or mint into the sock too for an aromatherapy boost. It heats up in the microwave in about 90 seconds and lasts for as long as I need it.

Take the first step into something new.

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