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So here it goes.. Do you want to be my Valentine?

The person that you want to spend every day with. If you don't spend the 14th of February with your valentine - for example, if it was your brother's birthday and you were forced to go see him and not the guy that you really wanted to see - you would be a wreck trying to find ways to apologise to that "special someone" and trying to think of exactly what would be the right thing to say.
Then you might end up doing something strange like posting something on a website at 4 in the morning to try to show that person you care. Then after reading what you put on the website, that person may think you're completely insane and never talk to you again. Or they could make your day.
Let's see what happens. Giving (or receiving) this epic sock will definitely help out in complex situations.

- Strawberry red with white hearts.
- Heart socks.
- One hand stitched button and a hole to pair them up.
- Crew cut.
- Ribbed cuff.
- Designed in Australia. Made in Korea. 
- Unisex, but originally designed for the modern day gentleman.

Premium combed cotton blend.
Cotton 70%; Polyester 25%; Elastane 5%;

One size fits most.
AU 8 -12
EUR 42 -46
US 9 -13
UK 8 -12


Type: Socks

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