Barnaby was created by a few guys in Melbourne. The year was 2013. The day was Saturday. The idea was simple. Transform the everyday pair of socks. Cool colours, smashing designs, remarkable quality, epic packaging and a hand-stitched button to keep them together.
We are logical guys. We understand that colourful socks are nothing new. The Barbarians started wearing coloured socks as early as the 8th century. However, the barnabarians only started wearing socks with buttons in 2013.
Well, we don’t want to bore you about how great our high quality combed cotton socks are, and how comfortable and soft they feel on the foot. It is important though that you know that we visited manufacturers far and wide: we wore, washed, stretched, pulled, threw, kicked, poked and washed some more until we came across a Korean manufacturer who we could work with to make our dream a reality. Dreams are free but manufacturing isn’t unfortunately.
Buy them for yourself or give them as a gift. Barnaby transforms a simple product into an experience. You are probably thinking “this is great, I can’t imagine this story getting any better!”. Well it does. At Barnaby we love to give back, that's why we design socks that are dedicated to charity organisations. If you needed an excuse to wear stylish socks - now you have one.

Design Concept

Barnaby Design Concept