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Essentials for the modern day gentleman

There is no higher accolade than to call a man a gentleman. We all have the ability to be gents, no matter our history, upbringing, or current social status. We’re all gents in training, striving to be upstanding, honourable, gentle men.

Being a modern day gentleman is cut from fine cloth, a firm handshake, and an unbridled drive to succeed. We have listed our favourite partner brands that make up the assemble:


At Institchu, gentlemen can order beautifully designed tailored suits and shirts or choose an existing design from Institchu's successful collection. 

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Brando Shoes

By transforming past, traditional styles into modern, timeless ones, Brando Shoes produces charming shoes for elegant men. 

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Triumph and Disaster

Triumph and Disaster produce skincare products that are infused with bespoke aromas, natural blends of complex notes that evoke old fashioned values from simpler times.

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Orbit Key

Orbitkey's mission is to provide beautiful and practical solutions that help you carry your keys better.

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Dapper Vigilante

Dapper Vigilante does not only equip men with high quality leather accessories, but also develop them into dapper, confident and refined men.

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Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson's is an Australian brand that offers beautiful and affordable eyewear to hip men and women, young and old.  

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Stoneman designs comfortable underwear for women and men and by only including high quality, finest raw materials, their pieces feel like a second skin. 

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Bondi Laces

The colourful shoe laces by Bondi Laces have been created for dapper gents with impeccable style.  

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Chan Man Shop

From laces to lapels, navy to yellow Chan Man offers men accessories for trendsetters and classic men.

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Barnaby designs and produces cool colours with smashing designs and remarkable quality  for the modern day gentleman. The epic packaging and the hand-stitched button, which holds a pair of sock together are Barnaby's unique trend mark. 

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